In Memory Of
Fred Anthony Strahs-Lorenc
1952 - 2009
Full NameFred Anthony Strahs-Lorenc
Born18th November 1952
Passed Away30th January 2009
56 Years

Poem by Rabbi Sylvan Kamens

signed byLisa Strahs-Lorenc
At the rising of the sun and its setting...we will remember you. At the blowing of the wind and the chill of winter...we will remember you. At the opening of the buds and the rebirth of spring...we will remember you. At the blueness of the skies and the warmth of summer...we will remember you. At the rustling of the leaves and the beauty of autumn...we will remember you. At the beginning of the year and when it ends...we will remember you. For as long as we live, because you were a part of us...we will remember you.
05 Apr 2021

What "Moving on" means

signed byLisa Strahs-Lorenc
After 15 months of suffering, my best friend, partner and soul mate, passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Relieved that he was not suffering anymore, I knew that I needed to do something to help people feel that they aren't alone as they are going through this very deadly disease. I reached out to the listserv in which I had been participating, and asked if anyone would be willing to share the stories about their loved ones suffering from this disease. I decided to write the 1st support book as a support book and as a fundraiser for the Lustgarten Foundation. I secured 20 family members, and the book was published on September 3, 2010 with 4 survivors. I kept in contact with all the contributors and as the years passed, we all started moving on with our lives. Last June 2019, as the 10th anniversary of my husband's death passed, I realized that there is a need to support people as they "move on" with their lives. I decided to return to my contributors, and secured 12 contributors for a 2nd book that would describe their process of "moving on" with their lives. They have shared how they feel and what happened to them since their loved ones have passed away. In addition, we have one survivor who has fought hard to survive and live a healthy life. The 2nd support book will also be a fundraiser for the Lustgarten Foundation. It will be published on September 3, 2020, exactly 10 years after the 1st book--Pancreatic Cancer: It's a Family Affair. Appropriately, this book will be entitled, Pancreatic Cancer: Families Move on.
12 Jun 2020
Lisa Strahs-Lorenc
16 Nov 2020

As Fred's birthdate comes up this 2020, we are raising money through the Pampered Chef for the Lustgarten Foundation. Go to Facebook to see details of the group just created. If you need any info, just email me. We are also featuring a Zoom event on Wednesday morning to start off the day. There is a Zoom link that is listed on the page. Join us and celebrate Fred's life and this important cause.

John Richardson
03 Sep 2020

I feel I know you through Lisa